Another Spinner

Another Spinner

I would not give a dump for your perfection, excellency and qualities.

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so, gauzythreads and i have been working on deciphering the lyrics to nintendo blood since it came out, and apart from sending a message to cult asking for an official release, this is as close as we have been able to come to whatever the song is actually saying:

let me know if you hear anything else!

Her eyes were black and white and blue

I listen to your favourite songs backwards

Do you have a plan for who to surrender to?

Ooh, I didn’t drink for you (?)

Imprison us in a song

Asleep in the pit of Rome

No one to be at this point

In theory….


Will you drift into that dark warpath?

When the blood runs down their face sideways

As our bodies slaved [?] forever

[?] It seems like it could be me on mars [?]

You let the schoolboys in your eyes run out

When you asked me to blow smoke in your mouth

I can play to both I find I try [?]

Can you think back to that time

I was so angry I got up and out of bed

I spent 25 minutes reading what you said

A face I know so well I memorized your teeth

I worked so hard I haven’t looked at you in weeks

I will not give a f-

Only gonna give you my hand -

I will not give a fuck -

Not gonna take it

I’m not gonna take it and I’m not gonna give it

Will you solve your problems in the daylight?

They like to change the rules as they go

By chapter two he got killed by the author

Oh let me down….

Take me in your [?] arms [?]

Made up the memory of the only person you’ve met

Of every pretty stranger in the re-gre -

I can’t help it, it’s not my fault

gotta be possessive, each before his own

on and on and on

imprison us in a song

asleep in the pit of Rome

motherfucker don’t [?] tonight

don’t stop react attract/attack

[??? vocoder] destroy yourself

wealth to the wealthy

can’t handle sobriety


drink like a guppy

destroy yourself

look what you’re getting yourself invovled in[????]



[?] and now i’m having a beer

the room was blacked out, i come round and now it’s filled

everyone needs to sit down and needs to shut up

you will hear about seven things that i think are fucked up

[outro - incoherent]

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you’re the reason i’m-a travellin’ on

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Julian Casablancas + The Voidz on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon #tyranny(x)


Julian Casablancas + The Voidz on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon #tyranny


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lil bit tipsy

ask me anything

alternatively give me something to drunkramble audiopost about

ty nonas :3c

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